Wetting agents

Wetting agents

Wetting agents are responsible for reducing the surface tension of the medium, in which pigments and fillers will be dispersed. It improves the wettability of aggregates and agglomerates, allowing solvent penetration into pores and interstices.

This additive acts by the surface adsorption of the particles. In this way, there is an interaction reduction between them and, consequently, a reduction in the medium viscosity, which allows greater loading of pigments and the grinding mass.

SYCO® wetting agents are free of nonyphenol ethoxylated (APEO free) and, unlike traditional wetting agents, they provide low foam generation at the time of dispersion, in addition to providing high wettability to the primary particles of pigments and fillers and being extremely compatible with various systems.

They help in the stabilization of pigment particles, avoid flocculation and sedimentation, providing greater color acceptance, excellent finishing and spreading at the time of application.

SYCO 566®

Chemical name: Anionic surfactant

SYCO 566® is a high-performance, APEO free wetting agent, compatible with anionic and non-ionic surfactants. It is recommended for difficult-to-wet substrates such as silicone-treated plastics, papers or glass, cellulosic films, and aluminum and plastic sheets.

SYCO 566® is suitable for aqueous systems, architectural coatings, pigment concentrates, slurry dispersions, printing inks, as an anionic emulsifier for polymerizations and, in some cases, for solvent-based systems.

Polymeric dispersions stabilized with SYCO 566® generally stand out due to their excellent wetting properties, low viscosity and small particle size.

Such surface-active properties manifest themselves in a reduced foaming tendency and a relatively high critical micelle concentration.

SYCO 570®

Chemical name: Anionic surfactant

SYCO 570® is an innovative high-performance wetting agent, APEO free, which has high efficiency in color evolution, provides excellent leveling, reduces the incidence of spatter and prevents pigment stratification. It also has the great advantage of not freezing at low temperatures (above 5 °C).

SYCO 570® is indicated as an alternative to ethoxylated nonylphenol-based wetting agent. Compatible with high and low PVC aqueous systems such as coatings and pigment concentrates, as well as tinting systems.


  • Optimization in the fillers and pigments dispersion and wetting;
  • APEO free;
  • Optimization of leveling and coverage;
  • Color stabilization;
  • Prevents glare reduction;
  • Dye strength.

Recommended dosage

0,10 to 2,00 %


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