Emulsifiers are amphiphilic substances, which allow the reduction of surface tension and, consequently, the stabilization of initially immiscible phases.

The SYCO® emulsifier line is composed of products that provide high efficiency of alkyd emulsions formation and resistance to weathering, without altering the gloss.

Providing high efficiency with low dosage and being compatible with several systems are differentials of SYCO® emulsifiers, when compared to traditional ones on the market.

SYCO 900®

Chemical name: Polysaccharide-based compound

SYCO 900® is an emulsifier for alkyd synthetic enamels, which provides high stability to the system, as it is composed of oligomers and has an innovative high performance chemistry.

By incorporating water contents into synthetic enamel formulations, the cost of the formula can be significantly reduced.

SYCO 901®

Chemical name: Anionic compound

SYCO 901® is an anionic surfactant with emulsifying properties between alkyd systems and water. Due to its anionic character in its structure, SYCO 901® provides high stability with low dosage, when compared to traditional market.

SYCO 901® is suitable for short to long chain and phenolic synthetic alkyd enamels. It does not influence yellowing, does not affect gloss and does not delay coating drying.


  • System stability optimization;
  • Ease of emulsion formation;
  • Does not interfere with gloss;
  • High resistance to weathering;
  • Open time adjustment;
  • Low dosage;
  • Versatility.

Recommended dosage

1,50 to 3,00 % (over resin solids)


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